Cooperative Learning

I enjoy using Kagan's Cooperative Learning in my classroom. It helps the kids work together socially, gives everyone a role, and makes the classroom run smoothly.

Match Mine: Partners

Give a handful of objects to both partners. Partner 1 puts up a partition and creates something with the objects. When done, partner 1 gives verbal clues to partner 2--trying to help them recreate the same design.


I also did this in 7th grade--with partner 1 drawing a picture and giving verbal clues to partner 2 in order to recreate the same drawing.

Line Ups

Give a sharing topic or question to the group. Give think time. Make a line and have the class fold in half, so everyone has a partner. You can see the timekeeper at the end (used for odd number of students). Give a certain amount of time (30 sec. to 1 min.) and let partners share. At the end of the time, ONE line rotates to the next person, the other line stays still. Do as many times as you want. Use random call cards/sticks to let students give responses, then call on a few more that really want to share.

I will be adding more soon!

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